A lack of leadership is always evident in the attitudes and poor performance of your employees. Effective, focussed and inspiring leaders always get the most out of their teams which is a surefire way to guarantee the success of your organisation. Australian Corporate Challenge can work with you to create great leaders at all levels of your business.


A major factor affecting the success of your business is teamwork. Strong relationships between team members and external sources are vital for efficient and effective communication. Our customised programs can help your team to become more motivated, focussed and committed.

Wellness & Balance

Your staff are your biggest asset. If they’re stressed, unfocused and overworked the productivity of your organisation will suffer. It’s essential to ensure that your team has all the tools available to help them make positive and healthy life choices. Australian Corporate Challenge can help identify key problem areas and offer solutions that will fit your culture.

Emotional Intelligence

Just as our IQ indicates our capacity to understand things, our EQ gives an idea of how we will handle the everyday stress and emotions related to our jobs. Australian Corporate Challenge can help your staff enhance their emotional intelligence resulting in a more effective and well-rounded working relationship with those around them.

Organisational Design & Development

All businesses are organic – they are constantly growing and evolving. In order to be successful it’s imperative to renew and rework strategies, procedures and motivations to provide a clear direction for your employees. We can help you to develop these plans and to set them in motion.

Australian Corporate Challenge helps fund Sports Challenge Australia, our non-profit mentoring and sports education programs to maximise physical and mental health in young people. Click on the logo to view.