Tenix & ElectraNet energise South Australia’s electricity


One of the largest projects ever undertaken by electricity utility company ElectraNet saw engineering firm Tenix win the contract for upgrading the massive Para Substation that supplies most of the electricity to central Adelaide.

Tenix Senior Project Manager Harvey Fernandez was tasked with implementation of the project and pulling a high performance team of engineers and construction personnel together.

Blind Construction
Working together to construct a giant lego tower blind folded

Dr Garry Tester, chief executive officer at Australian Corporate Challenge, and his team were engaged to develop and deliver the project’s Charter and Deliverables, while ensuring the leadership team had exposure to ‘best practice’ leadership and psychometric testing.

As a result of this work over the past 12 months, the project has been a stand out for ElectraNet – on time, on budget and with an exemplary safety record.

The recently completed two day workshop in Victor Harbor reviewed the project’s Charter of behaviours, as well as the processes currently being used to ensure ‘best practice’ was being maintained throughout all areas of the construction, while also building the important ‘Esprit de Corps’ among the team.

The results of the workshop was reflected in the enthusiasm and laser like focus in all the experiential learning activities, and the open and robust conversations around wanting the project to be the best that Tenix has ever produced in SA.

The Egg Drop
Garry looking on as a team works together in ‘The Egg Drop’

To this end, the feedback from ElectraNet’s Senior Project Manager Enyo Agbodo highlighted the success of the two days: “Your knowledge, passion and inspiration to develop our team to be very successful is a noble one. We all thank you very much.”