Values Drive Horizons Childcare to the Top

CEO of Horizons Childhood Learning Centres at Fremantle, Clarkson and Woodvale, Natalie Green walks their values every day and wants her staff to be passionate about values and behaviours at all times.

She contacted Australian Corporate Challenge (ACC) and Dr. Garry Tester to design a program to build a Charter of Values and Behaviours for all three centres where all staff would develop ownership and be part of the process.

After a series of workshops over the past three months, a first class Charter has been developed which staff have signed up to champion the values at all times.  A3 framed Charters are in pride of place at each centre and all families have been communicated with, outlining what Horizons stands for in their values. It also means it is a two way street with families when they are communicating with the Centre Staff to also be aware of acceptable behaviours.

At the end of Q1 2015, ACC will complete an audit of the Charter’s Values and Behaviours contacting staff and families to evaluate that the ‘ABC’ of Horizons Values are being demonstrated consistently. As Natalie Green explains, “If we want to be the best in Childcare, we must have a distinctive point of difference. Ours will be our consistency of values and behaviour. We want our staff to be exemplars in Childhood learning”. The bar has been set!

Horizons Childhood Learning Centre Charter