Acute Business Services Builds an Exemplary Culture for Staff and Clients

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Acute Managing Director, Spencer Broad, has always believed that to build a successful Financial Advisory Business it was not enough alone to have the best skilled staff.  He wanted a passionate and committed team that could inspire clients and model behaviours that set Acute apart from the many financial planners in the market place.

Enter CEO of Australian Corporate Challenge, Dr. Garry Tester, and his leading edge team to plan a professional development day to achieve Spencer’s vision.  This was done by building a TEAM CHARTER, complete psychometric testing in developing a high performance team, problem solve using ‘world first’ experiential adult learning methods, building wellness and most importantly having some fun while learning, all the ingredients of a successful company.

Amidst the beautiful surroundings of the Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club on the banks of the picturesque Swan River in Nedlands, together Acute and (ACC) met all of the above objectives.  The team Charter was signed by all before departure and now forms the values and behaviours of all staff sending the best possible message to clients that Acute stands for not only being the leading financial planners in Western Australia, but they demonstrate a unified set of values that sets their governance now and into the future.

Australian Corporate Challenge fully funds Sports Challenge Australia, our non-profit mentoring and sports education programs for students. Click on the logo to view.