Vix Technology Builds World First Ticketing Solutions

With rapid transport ticketing solutions and services a global necessity, Vix Technology is at the forefront of making the customers’ journey easier.

To maintain this leadership, COO Grant Worner contacted ACC CEO Dr Garry Tester to organise and deliver a three-day conference to galvanise the thirty strong global leadership team to set the unformed priorities moving forward.

With a friendship developed between Worner and Tester, established years earlier at BP in Perth, a high-performance program was developed to stretch the leaders while building the Vix Values and the desired Behaviours.

The three-day conference saw the Vix Leadership Team move through psychometric profiling, research and development priorities globally, team building exercises and problem solving activities, while having some fun together.

Collegiate spirit was developed exponentially and the value of having all leaders in the room for face-to-face interaction was immeasurable.

As CEO Shane Quinn summarised at the end of the conference:

“These three days have set Vix on an inspiring mandate where our Values and Behaviours delivered, by you, our leaders will build successful partnerships with our clients with our purpose of a better customer journey”.

The objective and narrative feedback from all highlighted how well (ACC) hit the mark and galvanised the group with an objective measure of 2.75 from 3.00 for effectiveness.

The narrative comment listed below summarised the success of the conference:

“The last three days I have learned so much and I am excited to go back to my country team to inspire, lead and build the desired culture that will have our clients wanting to partner VIX as the preferred ticketing solutions company.”




Optus Telecommunications Has The Team For The Future

In the fast paced and ever changing telecommunication market Optus Business Centre-Belmont has embarked upon exponential growth targets based around upskilling their staff in dealing with rapid change, high stress work place and competition unparalleled.

Optus Business Centre-Belmont Manager Paul Malyniak contacted Australian Corporate Challenge with a brief of pushing his staff outside of their comfort zone while building better communication skills, dealing with change and some highly motivational team building.

Using the (ACC) ‘world first’ problem solving activities Optus staff worked through a raft of Change Management Skills including: Psychometric testing, Time Management, effective communication skills, conflict resolution skills, budgeting, planning, achieving objectives and the importance of a team approach to a problem.

Delivered by ACC in a high-paced format all the Optus staff responded to the challenges of the day without hesitation and left the training day full of motivation and expectations for the future.

The narrative feedback from the day said it all, as one Optus staff member wrote:

“Thank you Garry and your team for your wise words and activities on our planning day.  I look forward to implementing them over 2017 and I’m sure we will be liaising with ACC on a journey for sustained growth.”


Downer Gas and Electricity Leads The Way In Victoria

Downer Logo

Downer EDI has now taken full naming rights to the former Tenix engineering business, purchased over 12 months ago from the Salteri family.

One of the cornerstones to the Downer Utilities arm is the successful Victorian Gas and Power contract with AusNet Australia, which Dr Garry Tester and his Team from Australian Corporate Challenge (ACC) have developed over the past 5 years.

Downer EDI presentation
Lance Mills presenting Training Certificates to Jacob Scilini

The key areas successfully delivered include:

  • Senior Management Team Mentoring & Coaching
  • Senior Management Team Leadership & Innovation Training
  • Strategic Alignment with the AusNet Contract
  • Alignment with Downer Values and Behaviours
  • Professional Development & Training with the Lead Victorian Site Staff
  • Wellness & Work Life Balance
  • Strategic Innovation to Make Savings in the Contract
  • Psychometric Profiling for Emotional Intelligence, Creativity and Innovation
  • Building the Downer Culture Through ‘Best Practice’ Behaviours, especially around safety and most importantly team building the desired behaviours in Metropolitan and Regional VIC Depots

At the end of 2015, with the support of former General Manager Power and Gas Networks Andy Wood, Dr Tester and ACC were tasked with developing and delivering a series of two-day workshops to all Key Managers, Leading Hands, Crew Leaders, and Key Administration Staff. The training aligned Downer’s values and behaviours especially around safety. Also, the key deliverables for the AusNet Victorian Contract in Gas and Electricity required the need for innovation to make the AusNet contract sustainable over a possible 10 years which required buy in from all Staff.

Downer EDI contract
Peter Jones delivering contract overview

Managers Peter Jones (Gas) and Brendon Fleming (Electricity) lead their staff through a series of workshops with commitment to cultural development. Peter Jones (Gas) demonstrated his unequivocal commitment to his team, by being present every Victorian Regional Depot training day. This gesture was valued by the Gas Staff enormously. The objective feedback showed the impact of these workshops completed by Australian Corporate Challenge was 2.8 from a possible 3.0, with the narrative feedback highlighting the value of investing in training for Staff, a cornerstone to build as high performance teams.

As two Downer Staff are from Gas and one from Electricity summarised the impact of the program for them:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the two-day workshop, as I learnt so much about the desired behaviours needed for the AusNet Contract to be successful, enjoyed working with other team members, being stretched mentally, the importance of innovation and taking home some valuable lessons for my own development. Thank you ACC and Downer for investing in your staff, it is valued.”


Values Drive Horizons Childcare to the Top

CEO of Horizons Childhood Learning Centres at Fremantle, Clarkson and Woodvale, Natalie Green walks their values every day and wants her staff to be passionate about values and behaviours at all times.

She contacted Australian Corporate Challenge (ACC) and Dr. Garry Tester to design a program to build a Charter of Values and Behaviours for all three centres where all staff would develop ownership and be part of the process.

After a series of workshops over the past three months, a first class Charter has been developed which staff have signed up to champion the values at all times.  A3 framed Charters are in pride of place at each centre and all families have been communicated with, outlining what Horizons stands for in their values. It also means it is a two way street with families when they are communicating with the Centre Staff to also be aware of acceptable behaviours.

At the end of Q1 2015, ACC will complete an audit of the Charter’s Values and Behaviours contacting staff and families to evaluate that the ‘ABC’ of Horizons Values are being demonstrated consistently. As Natalie Green explains, “If we want to be the best in Childcare, we must have a distinctive point of difference. Ours will be our consistency of values and behaviour. We want our staff to be exemplars in Childhood learning”. The bar has been set!

Horizons Childhood Learning Centre Charter


Tenix & ElectraNet energise South Australia’s electricity


One of the largest projects ever undertaken by electricity utility company ElectraNet saw engineering firm Tenix win the contract for upgrading the massive Para Substation that supplies most of the electricity to central Adelaide.

Tenix Senior Project Manager Harvey Fernandez was tasked with implementation of the project and pulling a high performance team of engineers and construction personnel together.

Blind Construction
Working together to construct a giant lego tower blind folded

Dr Garry Tester, chief executive officer at Australian Corporate Challenge, and his team were engaged to develop and deliver the project’s Charter and Deliverables, while ensuring the leadership team had exposure to ‘best practice’ leadership and psychometric testing.

As a result of this work over the past 12 months, the project has been a stand out for ElectraNet – on time, on budget and with an exemplary safety record.

The recently completed two day workshop in Victor Harbor reviewed the project’s Charter of behaviours, as well as the processes currently being used to ensure ‘best practice’ was being maintained throughout all areas of the construction, while also building the important ‘Esprit de Corps’ among the team.

The results of the workshop was reflected in the enthusiasm and laser like focus in all the experiential learning activities, and the open and robust conversations around wanting the project to be the best that Tenix has ever produced in SA.

The Egg Drop
Garry looking on as a team works together in ‘The Egg Drop’

To this end, the feedback from ElectraNet’s Senior Project Manager Enyo Agbodo highlighted the success of the two days: “Your knowledge, passion and inspiration to develop our team to be very successful is a noble one. We all thank you very much.”