Singapore Airlines flies high in Perth

Singapore Airlines

Under the leadership of Richard Tan and Jacki D’Antonio, the Perth office of Singapore Airlines is flying high with another daily flight being added to the existing three flights a day to Singapore.

Richard Tan leading the team in 'Have you Ever'

Richard Tan leading the team in ‘Have you Ever’

With a new level of enthusiasm and a new team being developed by WA Sales Manager Jacki, the time was right to steer the admin and sales team towards becoming a high performance team.

Drawing on a 20 year working relationship between Australian Corporate Challenge’s CEO Dr Garry Tester and Singapore Airlines, the task was set to develop a high performance program for 2013 and onwards.

Garry entertaining the Singapore Airlines staff during 'Have you Ever'
Garry entertaining the Singapore Airlines staff during ‘Have you Ever’

Because the Singapore Airlines business is all about the total experience for both passengers and corporate clients, psychometric testing of the team – covering emotional intelligence, team roles and aspirational levels ­– was conducted prior to the first team building and professional development workshop held in early May.

In the beautiful surroundings of the Royal Perth Yacht Club, all senior Perth sales and admin staff completed a day of reviewing their personal results, completing motivational and challenging experiential learning activities such as the ‘Great Egg Drop’ – where budgeting, planning, time management and outcomes are crucial for success – along with work/life and wellness activities.

The Great Egg Drop in action

The Great Egg Drop in action

The day was an outstanding success, with all staff walking away with a clear mandate for what is required for the team and the individual in terms of behaviours to allow the Singapore Airlines Perth office to be a ‘lighthouse’ for the Australian operations.

The Egg Drop's winning team had a successful landing

The Egg Drop’s winning team had a successful landing

As Jacki explained, “The buzz around the office after the workshop was electric, our office has come back with a set of tools from a personal and team perspective, ready to implement in the challenging times ahead. We are committed to working with Garry and the ACC team now and into the future. Thank you.”

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Best Practice (EI) the way forward for WA Parliamentary Services

Parliamentary Services logo

The corporate leadership team (CMT) of the Western Australian Parliamentary Services gathered at the picturesque Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club in Dalkeith for an experiential workshop of ‘test practice’ Emotional Intelligence (EI) audits and application to their staff!

Parliamentary Services September 2012
The Parliamentary Services team tackle the Marshmallow Tower

Some of the ‘world first’ measures of (EI) developed by ACC chief Dr Garry Tester, also an adjunct professor at the University of Western Australia, showed the leadership team how their charter of values and behaviours could be enhanced to allow the Parliamentary Services teams to move towards High Performance, while building ‘test practice’ behaviours in the work place.

Individual (EI) profiles were immediately analysed with full electronic reports generated and distributed to the CMT before departure giving each person their current profile and areas of development.

The highlight of the day was applying the (EI) learning to a simulation activity called the marshmallow tower where the CMT were paired up across departments to build the tallest tower from dried spaghetti with a marshmallow on the top. The (EI) learning could be seen on their faces as the structures grew with the winning team raising their tower 1.08m from the table.

The feedback from the day highlighted the need for (EI) training with comments like “I had really never thought about all the aspects of (EI) in my communications, but the exercises for homework will take me out of my comfort zone and ensure my body language, voice and perception are on high alert”. The journey with (ACC) and the (CMT) will continue into 2013.


Clear Water Alliance Kicking Goals in Busselton

Water Corp Clear Water Alliance

Twelve months into the Busselton Waste Water Project, Tenix SDR ­- under the leadership of Barry O’Sullivan ­- are kicking goals on all fronts with the project delivered on time, on budget and with excellent behaviour from all involved.

As a result of meticulous planning and alignment workshops being successfully delivered by Australian Corporate Challenge CEO Dr Garry Tester and his team, a Charter of Values and Accountable Behaviours was inducted with all involved.

One year later in May 2012, the audit of Acceptable Behaviours showed a mean of 4.20 from a possible 5.00 for all 5 Key Values.

More importantly, the value of Safety showed an amazing 4.44 which has been translated into zero Lost Time Injuries on site.

Under the stewardship of Barry O’Sullivan and SQE Manager Russell Brenchley, every staff member has shown accountability through empowerment towards a safety culture.

The planning and alignment workshop, completed in May with all new contractors, further reinforced the commitment to make the ClearWater Alliance team the benchmark for quality and the place of choice for work.

As one electrical contractor commented: “This is the type of training that is first class and sets the bar high so everyone on site knows they are accountable for their behaviours. Thank you for a great day.”

Water Corp Clear Water Allliance
Dr Garry Tester delivers the benchmarks of the Busselton Waste Water Project workshop




In the beautiful and tranquil surroundings of the Veranda Resort at Hua Hin, on the beach front of the Gulf of Thailand, (some 2 ½ hours from bustling Bangkok), 40 key staff from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Asia Pacific Regional Office (APRO) were engaged with Australian Corporate Challenge (ACC) in a 3 day retreat and conference.

(ACC) led by Chief Executive Officer Dr Garry Tester, Programs Coordinator Jacqui Finnegan, Director Jennifer Clay and Mentors Ryan Harding, Margaret Thompson and Kieran McDowell delivered 3 exhaustive and rewarding days of leading edge programs for (APRO) to build a Charter of aspirational behaviours, enhance communication, build team work and encourage collegiate spirit with a multi-cultural staff, spanning 16 Nationalities.

Eight teams were selected to ensure some friendly rivalry was sustained when working through the experiential learning activities and winning points were keenly sought throughout the retreat in a tight competition to the very end.

With such a strong group of professional staff keen to be involved in robust communication, the results from the retreat enabled (APRO) to develop an outstanding Charter of values and behaviours moving forward in 2012 with a shared mandate for all.

The Pipeline activity involving planning, risk management, budgeting, achieving set objectives and time management allowed a thrilling conclusion to the teams competition and the winning prize being copies of the bestselling book by Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture, summing up his overview of Life which was a true metaphor for (APRO) “We can’t change the hand we are dealt in life, but only how we play it”.

The staff feedback also confirmed this premise as (APRO) moves forward, dedicated to helping the ‘at risk’ populations of Asia Pacific with one delegate writing “I have learnt so much about myself and how it impacts on others, now it is up to me to make sure my team work behaviours are in line with our Charter, thank you ACC for the start of my new journey”.



One of the largest fabrication and installation contracts worth over $175 million in Western Australia has been awarded to Tenix SDR for the underground Diamond Operation at Argyle in the East Kimberley’s.

Australian Corporate Challenge was tasked with developing a Charter of values and behaviours to ensure zero harm throughout the 2 year contract as well as strategic training.

This was combined with identifying the key leaders for the project and investing in ‘leading edge’ leadership training and profiling to ensure the project is on time, on budget and injury free.

A recently conducted 2 day professional and personal development conference completed by Australian Corporate Challenge saw an outstanding Charter and Life Saving rules completed in conjunction with personal work/life and wellness training overarched with Leadership Skills needed in the tough and unforgiving environment of Underground Mining.

 Using experiential learning simulation activities under the watchful eyes of Australian Corporate Challenge staff, Tenix SDR leaders were stretched, evaluated and guided to achieve critical objectives, while ensuring every team member was actively engaged.

As Peter Davis, Tenix SDR Operations Manager, explained “We have to have a leadership team onsite that is exemplary in their behaviours towards safety and their duty of care to all our staff. This training is critical to our success”.