We have used Dr Garry Tester and Australian Corporate Challenge on a number of occasions from small groups to delivering our State Conference.

The Australian Corporate Challenge Team were fantastic where our people learned new skills through experiential programs which where highly motivational and lots of fun.

The mixture of male and female mentors to deliver and motivate were first class and the content was stimulating.

We would thoroughly recommend Australian Corporate Challenge as a breath of fresh air.
Mr Peter Hill
Tourism WA
Tenix Alliance is a subsidiary of Tenix Engineering and Defence, where it was my mandate to establish a new start up division to engage contracts in the energy industry.

We had to bring together 200 employees from various backgrounds, culture, age and gender and bind them into a new team. We engaged Australian Corporate Challenge due to their positive reputation throughout Australia dealing with change management, team work and empowerment of workforces to maximise their potential.

To this end we have been amazed by their strategical thinking and planning, highly motivated program design and their objective evaluations. We have an ongoing commitment to continue the outstanding work established by Australian Corporate Challenge as a cornerstone to the positive development of our business and our people.
Mr Nick Martin
Tenix Alliance
The professional development and training completed by Australian Corporate Challenge has been outstanding, not only impacting on our bottom line positively, but empowering, re-energizing and motivating our staff.

I have worked with Dr Garry Tester and his team continually over the past 6 years at Broome Pearls, National Power Services (NPS), Tenix and Australian Gas and Electricity (AGL).

We have been thrilled with the professionalism and ‘hands on’ activities, the mentoring approach and the ‘world first’ activities.

It is my pleasure to recommend Australian Corporate Challenge.